CBD FAQ’s with Attorney Rod Kight Part 1 of 2

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CBD FAQ’s with Attorney Rod Kight Part 2 of 2

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00:26 What made you focus on Cannabis Law?
01:11 What’s the difference between hemp, cannabis, and marijuana?
02:12 Is CBD legal in all 50 states?
02:41 Can I take CBD with me to other countries?
03:30 Do you think some states banning CBD is a trend?
03:58 Can I smoke hemp flower in public?
04:13 What happens if you are caught with hemp in a banned state?
04:33 How do police tell the difference between hemp and marijuana?
04:50 Is there an age requirement to using CBD?
05:03 How can I prove to an Employer or Landlord that what I have is Hemp Flower?
05:40 Can I grow my own hemp flower?


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