About Us

We are passionate about the products we make and the people who make them. We pay our employees a living wage and work hard to foster a thriving work environment. After all, they’re our Darlings.


Your reason and intention for using our product is what we are driven by. Each person who has fought tirelessly to end prohibition of this wonder plant, everyone out there managing ailments and finding deeper vitality in life, veteran hemp enthusiasts and those just now getting excited about all its continuously discovered benefits. We’re here to celebrate along with you, to empower you to live the life you choose with products of the highest caliber. We are committed to bring you the look you want, the feel you’re after, and the quality you deserve. Our standards are nothing short of outstanding and they inspire us to bring you a company of excellence, one that will stand the test of time. Almost as if prohibition had never happened and we’ve been here all along.

Yours Truly,

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